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All DTec technical articles are provided FREE to assist anyone interested in building their own test equipment or even just expanding their technical knowledge. Information provided is based on years of experience, not just theoretical research (the web's already too full of 'armchair experts'). Feedback welcome, please enjoy!


All we ask is that if you find the information interesting then post a link on your site, It will encourage us to continue publishing!  Thanks.


DTec Inertia Dyno Software

To view our DYNertia3 software instruction videos please click here and subscribe to our Youtube channel.

Inertia dynamometer design guide, DIY-

Guide to constructing your own dynamometer. The inertia principle can be used for engine or chassis dynos of all sizes and with DTecs 'DYNertia' package it's never been easier. Make sure you also check out the DYNertia DIY dyno system product page for further information.

Inertia Dyno Design Guide, Home Made Dynamometer

Inertia Dyno Design Guide

Inertia Dyno Design Tool, Home Made Dynamometer

Inertia Dyno Design Tool Version 3

Brake dynamometer design tools, DIY-

Tools to assist in designing your own brake (absorber) dynamometer. The brake principle can be used for engine or chassis dynos and with DTecs 'DYNertia' package it's never been more cost effective. Make sure you check out the DYNertia3 Inertia & 'open loop' brake dyno kit product page for further information.

Chassis Dyno Design Tool Brake Chassis Dyno Design Tool Engine Dyno Design Tool Brake Engine Dyno Design Tool

Temperature Sensor Calibration Tool-

With just 3 measurement points, create a characteristic curve for any resistive (NTC) temperature sensor as commonly used in automotive applications.  Also reveals voltage output and sensitivity of these sensors when used in practical applications.


Temperature Sensor Calibration Curve

Temperature Sensor Calibration Tool


Airflow bench design, DIY-


Cheap, easy and accurate. Perfect workshop companion for our 'Dynertia' DIY dyno software & system.  Flow your own cylinder heads, inlet systems, exhausts etc.  take the guess work out of those modifications.


DIY Flowbench Design Guide

DIY Flowbench Design

Flow Conversion Table

Flow Conversion Table

Inclined Scale Generator

Inclined Scale Generator

Inclined Scale Image

Inclined Scale Image



Testing fuel mixtures (Lambda) after a converter-

Do you need to test fuel mixtures before the catalytic converter when using a 'broadband' air fuel ratio meter? what are the disadvantages of conveniently testing at the tailpipe.

Lambda Testing Pre Vs Post Converter

Lambda Testing Before and After a Converter



Air density and tuning, the use of RAD-

Relative Air Density (RAD) is vital for tuning. Understand the concept the experts use to tune their engines for maximum performance under all atmospheric conditions.

Relative Air Density RAD & Tuning

Air density and tuning, jetting with RAD



Design an accurate fuel mixture probe ('Tailpipe' Lambda)-

Get accurate readings at low gas flows with your 'broadband' air fuel ratio meter and increase the life of your expensive sensors.

Lambda Testing Pre Vs Post Converter

Designing better Lambda probes for tailpipe testing



Ignition coil dwell time and mapping-

Practical guide to understanding ignition coil dwell time, determining the figures to program and why it's so critical to get it right.

Ignition Coil Dwell Calibration

Ignition Coil Dwell Calibration


Ignition coil energy testing, DIY approach-

Technique for measuring the stored energy of an inductive ignition coil. Important information to help select the best coil for your performance application.

Ignition Coil Energy Testing

Ignition Coil Energy Testing


Multi spark ignition systems, Inductive-

Understanding inductive based multi spark ignition systems. Why do it and is it right for your application.

Multi Spark Ignition

Multi Spark Ignition



High energy ignition upgrade-

Upgrade your old vehicle to a High Energy Ignition (HEI) system for minimal outlay. If you're seeking the performance benefits or even just replacing an existing faulty module, learn from others and avoid the pitfalls that catch so many.

High Energy Ignition Upgrade

Ignition Upgrade



Fuel injector data & flow rate converter-

Fuel injector flow rate data & handy converter tool to convert between different flow data (g/min, cc/min, lbs/hr, petrol, N-Heptane) and fuel pressures.

Injector Data & Flow Converter

Injector Data & Flow Converter



TDC (Top Dead Centre) finder-

A simple concept that is the quickest way we've found to locate TDC compression. You'll wonder how you got along without one.

TDC Finder

TDC Finder



Ultimate automotive 'back probe' construction-

Build the ultimate 'back probe' test probes for reliable and quick testing of automotive systems.  Indispensable for any one doing vehicle diagnostics on modern systems.

test 'back probe', automotive home made DIY

Auto Test 'Back Probe' Construction

test 'back probe', automotive home made DIY

Auto Test 'Back Probe' (Alternatives)


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