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DYNertia3 Dyno System Software Images (download manual for more detail)-


   Dyno system, Kart, Bike, car, model : engine or chassis

Dyno Software - Dyno Graph Screen

Main dyno graph screen, data visible (ch1 & ch2 ), all 5 channels displayed in the floating 'data box'.


Dyno data monitoring screen

Gauges Screen, monitor inputs (brake style dyno shown).


Dyno Software - Inertia and Brake Dynamometer Single Trace

Single trace set dyno analysis screen.


Torque Area Under Curve

Torque analysis, area under the curve and key statistics displayed.


Dynamometer Data Trend Screen

Compare screen shows % difference between a reference trace and the remaining traces.


Dyno System Software - Inertia and Brake Dynamometer Preview

 Dyno preview screen to preview and select saved run files.


Dynamometer Performance Comparison

Acceleration times from point to point (selectable RPM or Speed points).  Best and worst traces highlighted.


Dyno Data Logger

Dyno data viewing screen to quickly check input channels and control data logger function


Lambda Tuning

Lambda tuning screen for easy live air/fuel mixture adjustments


Lambda Tuning Dyno Analysis

Lambda Deviation, clearly displays actual Lambda vs Target value.


Dynamometer Distance / Speed / Time Analysis

Distance / Speed / Time / RPM Analysis, explore the relationships.


Dyno Slip Graph

Slip / Tire Growth Analysis, difference from roller to engine RPM plotted.


Dynamometer Data XY Plot

XY Plot, any 2 data channels or measured values plotted (including maths channels)


Dynamometer Software - Control Screen

Dyno setup screen to enter weather data, record any comments, view inputs (including alarms) and control testing.


Dyno Sensor Calibration, Home Made Dynamometer

Dyno data acquisition configuration - Setup values for common sensors (inc. DTec's, Bosch, Delco and most Lambda meters) are provided. Alternatively, any input can be easily allocated a user calibration if you wish, whether it be linear or non-linear you can get the data in meaningful units!


Dyno Data Channel Alarms

Alarm Settings for input channels.


Dyno Maths Channels

Maths Channels, 2 additional data channels can be freely created using our expression builder.


Dynamometer Weather Correction Software

Weather Data displayed, including calculated relative air density (input from optional 'Weather Watch' hardware).


Dyno Run Display Screen

Large 'Run Summary' display for public exhibitions.


DTec Inertia Dyno Software

To view our DYNertia3 software instruction videos please click here and subscribe to our Youtube channel.

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